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SWiX Rus

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Изменения в версии 1. RuFull 13 августа Letasoft Sound Booster 1. TVPaint Animation 10 Pro RuFull 24 ноября Issue Exception on linux fixed IssueIssueIssue Some decompilation issues fixed Issue Configuration default value problem fixed IssueIssue Deobfuscation stucked sometimes problem fixed.

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SWIX [ENG] Free — для распаковки и изменения SWF » Программы » OdniProgi

Its practical use makes it a must-have tool for any Flash developer, offering them the possibility to get an insight on the structure of a compiled Flash file swwix modifying it within an intuitive working environment. Неплохая программа, но мало функций. Issue dialog windows are not on the center of the screen Issue Text syntax highlighting Issue ,Issue classic interface issues Issue changeing language only available one time Issue log window localization Issue SVG export fix Issue Oversized advance value after editing DefineText with DefineFont2 font Issue missing search results.


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What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Декомпилирует в десятки раз быстрее и кол-во ф-ций тоже примерно во столько же раз. Vector initializers AS3 direct editation: Issue Command line parameter for renaming invalid identifiers Fixed: The integrated XML checking tool allows you to quickly find any errors in the syntax, while the built-in Flash player that can be used for previewing the result once you finished editing the code.

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