Узнать как включить Javascript можно на Google Support. We are playing live next week! Ailafar was founded in late by John Tzortzis to perform his material. More copies of our latest realese arrived and are available! One of my favourite shots at my favourite place! My Heart Belongs to You 4:

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Recording vocals with our great friend Takis at Valve studios!! A night to remember!

Ailafar was founded in late by John Tzortzis to perform his material. Now We Rock 3: Скачать торрент вы можете в начале страницы.

Ailafar — No Limits

It was recorded in Valve studios and enginered by Strutter of W. They both did a fantastic job!

It features the wonderful vocals of Elisabeth Mari who is a long time live member and also guest vocals from Steve Overland of FM band! With my dear friend Blake right after his guest vocal recording on our new album.


A Rocking tune that talks about people that we care ро and they just use and abuse our feelings.

Another acoustic show is coming! Featuring the amazing Tatiana Oikonomou on vocals!! Immgrum Online Instagram Posts Viewer. Узнать как включить Javascript можно на Tortzis Support.

Список видеоклипов. Исполнитель — Ailafar (John Tzortzis)

It was finished in August with the help of several session musicians and new band members. Ailafar — No Limits 5 января Other Rock. Also it features guest vocals from Dean Mess of W.

Ailafar performing at Mauri Trypa, Thessaloniki! Ailafar — Heartbeat lossless, — скачать торрент бесплатно.

Описание альбома

Stop Running Away 4: Come Like an Angel 4: In my first ever gig back in school we ailafra covering songs of Prassein Aloga. You can check a teaser on www. There are no words to describe this feeling!

A moment after the final recording of Elisabeth at Valve Studios! My Heart Belongs to You 4: Thank you my friend! Recording vocals for our new 3rd album at valve studio with our friend strutterb!! Forever as One 4: Cheers Ailafar new Rockin tune coming out very soon! Within a break of a year in the recordings of the second album started in May. Ailafar just released their new masterpiece «Heartbeat» under Perris Records!!!


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Something i always wanted to do. Найти другие альбомы и музыку Ailafar. T, plus an extra song recorded in Live Love Dream Lld 5: D and GUS G, band!